Nissan’s Max-Out concept feels appropriately futuristic and space-age

Nissan’s Max-Out Concept lived in digital form for a while now, part of their grand, $18 billion plan to electrify their lineup.

The Max-Out design lives alongside Nissan’s additional concepts, the Chill-Out, Hang-Out, and Surf-Out, which all serve different purposes and different users.

This low-slung, two seater convertible showcases a wild new design language, with extensive use of LED lighting in a holographic effect, even extending inside the cabin, reminiscent of Tron. The lit-up wheels give the impression of driving on spheres instead of tires, and the way the nose and tail of the car come to a defined point give the car almost a nautical look.

While there are no concrete details about the Max-Out specs, the car is intended to use a solid-state electric battery, which should offer impressive range and recharge time. We appreciate the look at future Nissan design language, and it points to an exciting, vibrant future for EV mobility.

Source: Moss and Fog