Adorable bull terrier artist

Anyone who knows me knows I ADORE bull terriers. I love them, I have them, I follow a ton of them on social. They’re just amazing creatures that bring tons of joy to the world (and a little frustration, too). Not that I’m like over-the-top obsessed or anything, but I have been known to collect bull terrier stuff like figurines, artwork, clothing, and actual bull terriers 🙂 Anyway…. I came across a fellow enthusiast on Etsy, ALBMAdream, who illustrates her bull terriers into cute artwork including calendars, note cards, pins, and more. Her shop is named after one of her bull terriers, Alabama (too cute). I fell in love with the calendar and wanted to share it because not only is it adorable, it’s clever. The designer starts with one bull terrier for January and adds another to the scene until there are 12 in December. This is the 2019 calendar and the 2020 design is different, but just as unique!