Inspiration: minimal skincare packaging

I am certainly guilty of purchasing products based purely on the brand and packaging design. One such instance was Rohr Remedy – Bush Medicine Skincare from Australia. It’s a beautifully designed brand with a clever logo, sleek black cosmetic bottles, and contrasting pale boxes. Fortunately, this was one instance where I was not disappointed by the product itself. But, I’m not going to get into skincare reviews here; this is just about minimally styled brand and packaging design.

I’ve created galleries showcasing three of my favorite minimal skincare brand designs: Rohr Remedy, Herbivore Botanicals, and Hunter Lab.

Rohr Remedy – Australian Bush Medicine

Rohr Remedy is a natural ingredient skincare line for men and women, derived from traditional Australian bush medicine. The brand packaging is just lovely with its shiny black bottles and pastel hued boxes. The design is uniform, and each individual item is easily distinguished by its uniquely colored box. The design beautifully melds feminine and masculine elements without clashing.

Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is a fantastic, natural and therapeutic skincare line started in the kitchen of a Seattle-based husband and wife team. The brand has a distinct and clean grassroots aesthetic, which has remained intact even after mainstream success. The minimal text-based logo set against clinical white labels is unmistakable. Clear glass jars show off the beauty of the products themselves, with their richly hued powders and liquids.

Hunter Lab

Hunter Lab is a natural Australian skincare line specifically for men. The packaging is overtly masculine, with bold type, a satin black finish, and wood-grain caps. Their black clay exfoliating bar soap is a thing of beauty any man would be proud to display within his lavatorial throne. Simply stunning!