Awesome stuff: Supernatural

I was researching the online market for niche beauty products of a certain aesthetic appeal and audience when I came across Supernatural. This unique line of household cleaning products is formulated to be natural, reusable, and environmental friendly. Creator, Suzy Batiz, came up with this great idea of sustainably-sourced ingredients and eco-friendly, refillable glass packaging. It’s rather neat. You purchase a beautiful glass bottle (or more than one), and you refill it with smaller cleaning concentrates, cutting down on waste and packaging, and eliminating plastic packaging altogether.

I love the concept, and I love the packaging design. Detailed kraft boxes with intricate mandala comprised of their signature “tushes”, bursts that emulate the spray of a cleaning bottle, and decorative line work, all in white, house clean and minimal glass bottles and vials with white labels and holographic elements. It’s inherently pretty and eye-catching, which is definitely a 180 from typical cleaning supply packaging. I think I’ll try one myself!

I also have to give props to the website for its cohesion and extension of the brand. Even if the design elements aren’t your thing, Supernatural is a great example of how a brand design can transcend the online presence and add to the authenticity of the company as a whole. Although the website is small, the well-thought-out content with clever and unique design elements that are totally on-brand with Supernatural’s aesthetic create a more immersive and complete user experience.