NASA and Axiom just revealed the new spacesuit that astronauts will wear on the moon in 2025

It’s been 50 years since men (and only men) walked on the surface of the Moon. Indeed, Apollo 17 marked the end of the Apollo missions, and was the last time any humans set foot on the lunar surface.

Apollo 17, the last time humans walked on the moon.

That’s all about to change, with the return of astronauts with NASA’s Artemis missions. Not only will the first woman and person of color walk on the moon, but they’ll also explore the Lunar South Pole, a place of constant shadow, where temperatures reach some of the coldest in the entire solar system.

To do that and more, a new spacesuit was needed. NASA contacted Axiom Space to create the next generation suit, which is a huge improvement over the new old suit, which was bulky, cumbersome, and made spacewalks tiring and awkward.

The new suit offers greater visibility, flexibility, and movement within its design, while being less bulky than the predecessor. While Axiom showed the new suit off in a dark grey and orange color, the official suit will be white, for thermal properties.

Artemis III plans to launch in December, 2025, and will be a 30 day mission, including extended time on the lunar surface. A 21st century spacesuit seems a very fitting part of the next exciting mission.

Better performing gloves are a big change in the new spacesuit, and believe it or not, hand sewing still plays a major part of the process.

The new helmet offers greater visibility.

Source: Moss and Fog