Steele Dermatology

Atlanta, Georgia

Project Type 

  • Brand refresh
  • eCommerce website
  • Collateral


  • Creative direction
  • Web + UX design
  • Visual design
  • Info architecture

The Client

Located in Atlanta, GA, Steele Dermatology offers a wealth of expert procedures, from surgical to aesthetic, and including specialized areas such as hair and scalp conditions, skin of color, and focused cosmetic regimens.

Brand Refresh

I started this project with a brand update, including modernizing the logo and creating a new color palette. As part of the update, I eliminated the previous lavender purple primary color and introduced a dark navy and electric turquoise primaries with charcoal, pale gray, and white accents. The result is bold and modern and compliments the practice’s interior nicely. The brand elements were carried over to the website, business cards, new packaging labels, and custom Mailchimp newsletter templates.

Web Design // eCommerce Website

The website was a revamp with content architecture restructuring that condensed an overly-segmented sitemap down into fewer, more focused pages. The site is still rather large, but without compromising user experience in favor of SEO overkill. An online store was also integrated with a complete set of custom photorealistic images of Dr. Steele’s skincare line.

Visual Design // Collateral

Talinka & Co. uses smaller promo materials, such as postcards, to distribute at shows and events, and also to pack within product shipments. The following are samples of product insert postcards designed for promotional marketing.

Skincare Packaging Design Update
Dr. Steele’s developed a complete and growing line of at-home skincare with focus on skin of color. I expanded the updated brand to her existing product labels, and created custom product mockups for each item in the collection. The mockups were used in the online store in lieu of professional photography.

Business Card Design Update
New double-sided business card were designed to reflect the updated logo and color palette.

Services and products provided:

Brand Refresh

  • Brand exploration
  • Color explorations / palette
  • Typography


  • Discovery
  • User flows
  • ADA-compliance
  • Wireframing
  • Polished designs

Visual & Collateral Design

  • Business cards
  • Updated packaging design
  • Photography selection
  • Photo editing and correction
  • Custom Woocommerce emails


  • Custom Mailchimp emails
  • Copy editing
  • SEO

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