Springs Dermatology +
Springs Hair Restoration

Atlanta, Georgia

Located just outside of Atlanta, GA, Springs Dermatology and Springs Hair Restoration are subsidiaries of the established practice, Johns Creek Dermatology. These two new practices, which co-exist in the same office space, offer a wide range of specialized cosmetic and hair restorative services from Johns Creek’s experts.

My Role
  • Creative Director
  • UX Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Info Architect

I was hired to design websites for these two new practices, as well as revamp Johns Creek Dermatology’s website. Unfortunately, the project was canceled mid-way through, just as the pandemic hit, which put an indefinite hold on the grand openings. Before the project ended, Springs Dermatology was completed through the design and development phases, and copywriting had just started. This page showcases the work done before the cancellation.

UX / Website Design

I started with a detailed discovery period, followed by the typical UX design process. I also created detailed micro-sites for each practice, which were published during the development period. As this project was centered around the creation of brand new websites, I also handled all of the technical aspects of hosting and domain name pointing, in addition to the design and development of the websites.

The practices already had new branding designed, including logos and color palettes, which formed the base of the website’s aesthetic direction. Atlanta is a particularly diverse area, so I took extra care in photo selection to be widely inclusive, although primarily female, as this is more representative of the practice’s target clientele. As was the preference of the practice’s founder, I selected imagery with the highest traditional beauty appeal and applied heavier editing and skin correction than usual to ensure the models were presented with absolute perfection. “Perfection” was the trend throughout, from the tone of the copy that my company wrote, to all display elements throughout.

Homepage Variations (Springs Dermatology)

Micro-sites (Spring Dermatology & Springs Hair Restoration


As this was a larger project, the client was presented with a detailed proposal. I feel it’s worth including here, as it serves as a good example of B2B and editorial design.

The Goods
Site Configuration
  • WordPress + Woocommerce
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • ADA compliance
  • Proprietary WP theme
  • Designed with Adobe XD
Visual & Collateral Design
  • 52-page B2B proposal
  • Photography selection
  • Photo editing and correction
  • Custom Woocommerce emails
  • Custom Mailchimp email templates
Content Creation
  • In-depth copywriting
High-fidelity Design
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