Coding Dojo

San Jose, California

Project Type

  • Email, collateral
  • Component libraries
  • Landing pages 


  • Web + UX design
  • Visual design
  • Component builds
  • A/B testing (collaborative)

The Client

Coding Dojo is one of the nation’s top-rated tech training companies, offering cutting-edge bootcamps in web development, UX / UI design, software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity.

Visual Design // Collateral

Coding Dojo engages its audience with comprehensive B2C marketing, especially email and social media ad campaigns. I provided enhancements to these campaigns with the introduction of motion graphics, stronger brand consistency, and custom HTML & CSS email templates within their CRM (Hubspot). New, uniform graphic packs for recurring emails and social ads were structured into Figma component libraries, with easily-editable text and imagery.

A/B testing was regularly implemented with both landing pages and marketing campaigns to understand user behavior and identify effective elements. All marketing campaigns were in a constant state of refinement to take advantage of trends and maximize engagement. The following is a sampling of the visual design work I created for these campaigns.

Email Graphics & Animations

Coding Dojo’s email campaigns were highly targeted, and custom tailored based on in-depth user data and frequent A/B testing. One of the first enhancements I made to their email campaigns was the introduction of motion graphics. The first animated email that went out resulted in a click-through increase of 28%. Afterward, animations were included in 50-75% of promotional emails, and 50% of recurring reminder emails. Eventually, animated content was extended to social media ads and web pages, as well.

Motion graphics were used for multiple purposes; subtle animations to grab the user’s attention, looping animations to highlight CTAs, functional animations for demonstrating things like the application process, informative or promotional animations for course walkthroughs, and transitional CSS animations applied to select objects on the website. 

Social Media Ad Campaigns

The email visuals were expanded to Coding Dojo’s social media campaigns for greater brand recognition. Each ad set included web optimized sizes for Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads.

Print Collateral

As a training school, Coding Dojo has tons of content materials, including B2C and B2B focused. The following shows a few pages from an inclusive Outcomes Report that details the success rates and employment stats of the previous year’s grads, as well as future plans and international growth.

Services and products provided:

Visual & Collateral Design

  • Figma libraries
  • Hubspot email designs / custom coding
  • A/B testing participation
  • Static and motion graphics
  • Data dissemination and infographic design
  • Social media ad designs
  • Annual outcomes report booklet design
  • Course packet design

Web / UX Design

  • Wireframing
  • Polished comps
  • Transitional animation
  • Landing pages
  • A/B testing participation

Content Creation

  • Select copywriting
  • Photography selection
  • Photo editing and correction