Banfield Pet Hospitals

Vancouver, Washington

Project Type

  • Landing pages
  • Email, collateral
  • Component library


  • Web + UX design
  • Visual design
  • UI design
  • Component builds

The Client

Banfield Pet Hospitals is one of the oldest veterinary care providers in the US. Now owned by Mars Group, Banfield is found in nearly every PetSmart, partnered with Amazon to provide employee pet care perks, and continues innovating with new products and services.

Web Design // eCommerce Website

The website is component-based and uses Salesforce payments for ecommerce. The website sections I worked on were designed in Adobe XD, based on existing HTML templates provided by developers. Since there was no official component library, the UX team was simply piecing together component mockups from the templates. I took this opportunity to design a universal component library for everyone to use – assets could then easily be exported for the developers. With this project, a thorough understanding of the needs of the developers and asset optimization knowledge was essential.

Visual Design // Collateral

As part of the product launches, I designed several promotional items focused on the new virtual products, including emails (Salesforce) and sticky notes that Banfield’s vets attach to customer receipts.

Services and products provided:


  • Discovery
  • User flows
  • ADA-compliance
  • Polished designs
  • Adobe XD component library

Visual & Collateral Design

  • Custom Salesforce email templates
  • Photography selection and editing
  • Sticky note designs

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