Portland, Oregon

Project Type

  • Brand refresh
  • Collateral


  • Visual design

The Client

Integrating authentic Native American herbal recipes with traditional story-telling workshops, Apothecraft aims to heal and balance one’s inner and outer being.

Visual Design // Collateral

Apothecraft launched it’s flagship product, O, with an updated brand and product packaging. These small, medicinal bottles in cobalt, amber, and green, contain ashwagandha-based tonics that enhance one’s senses and spirit. The tonics are consumed during story-telling workshops promoting personal growth, healing, and a renewed sense of life balance. It’s a whole experience.

The following are packaging designs that include the product bottles, product tags, protective pouch, and catalogs.

Services and products provided:

Visual & Collateral Design

  • Packaging / labels
  • Product tags
  • Special ed. bags
  • Catalog