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Earik Beann

Premiere author, Erik Beann, has gained instant success with his debut books, Pointe Patrol and Killing Adam. While Pointe Patrol details Earik’s real experiences being in the midst of California’s Tubbs Fire, Killing Adam is an ambitious sci-fi that delves into future possibilities involving biotechnology, AI, and governing conspiracy.

This is the second site designed for Earik, the first being for a stock trading algorithm that Earik designed and developed. His successes in that industry have allowed him to follow his dreams of becoming a writer, and his debuts have been met with very positive reviews.

As the subject matter of the two books advertised on the site are radically different, we focused primarily on Earik as writer. The site was designed for expansion as Earik publishes new material going forward. Features include a Woocommerce online store with integrated downloadable samples from BookFunnel that allow traffic monitoring. As a writer, Earik is active with blogging so attention was paid to including the blog as a highlighted feature of the site. Also included were a Twitter feed, Mailchimp sign up form, and custom-designed product imagery.  Launch 

My Role

  • Art Director
  • UX Designer

The Goods

Website Features

  • Wordpress CMS
  • Woocommerce online store
  • Mobile responsive design
  • SPAM-protected forms with branded auto-responders
  • Mailchimp form integration
  • Integration with Bookfunnel
  • Basic SEO

Custom Woocommerce Features

  • Checkout mailing list signup
  • Branded customer emails

Free Samples & Intro

Samples (excerpts) of both books are available through Bookfunnel.

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The Books

Front and center, above the fold, below the fold.

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