Design Type: Visual

Coding Dojo

Seattle, Washington

Coding Dojo is one of the nation’s top-rated tech training companies, and offers cutting-edge bootcamps in web development, software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity.


Coding Dojo utilizes comprehensive email campaigns for B2C marketing initiatives. I was brought onboard to provide enhanced visuals and content architecture, which was achieved with the introduction of animated gifs, style consistency, and advanced implementation within the CRM. The following includes select email graphics, gifs, and layouts designed.

Ad Campaigns

Most of the email campaigns have complimentary social media and pay-per-click ads, with Instagram and Facebook as the primary platforms. The following is a small sampling of Instagram and Google Adwords graphic assets designed in conjunction with promo emails.


As a training school, Coding Dojo has tons of content materials, including B2C and B2B focused. The following shows a few pages from an inclusive Outcomes Report that details the success rates and employment stats of the previous year’s grads, as well as future plans and international growth.

My Role

  • Art Director
  • Visual Designer

The Goods

Email Campaigns

  • Hubspot email design / custom coding
  • Animation design
  • Marketing graphics

Ad Campaigns

  • Custom social ads

Print & Collateral

  • Annual outcomes report design
  • Course packet design

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