Accolades & Publications

A list of some of the awards, publications, and nods I’ve received throughout the years.
Awards / Accolades
  • AWWWARDS Site of the Day, Winner (Corvus Design Studio)
  • AWWWARDS, Site of the Day, Winner (Healthy Harvest Hydro)
  • AWWWARDS, Site of the Month, Nominee (Corvus Design Studio)
  • IAB MIXX, Product Launch, Winner (Paganne Couture)
  • ADC88, General Illustration, Nominee (Corvus Design Studio)
  • FWA, Site of the Day, Winner (Baxter Clare)
  • FWA, Site of the Day, Winner (Rerun Productions)
  • Nerd Business, Top 100 Designers of 2015, 4th Place
  • Code Vigilante, Most Elegant Designs, 2nd Place (Corvus Design Studio)
  • The Best Designs, Showcase Inclusion (Corvus Design Studio, Virtual Central Coast, Healthy Harvest Hydro)
  • Linchpin, Best Design Studios in the US, (Corvus Design Studio)
  • RGB Garden, Garden of the Day (Corvus Design Studio)
  • Masters of Design source: Web Urbanist
  • Awesome Submissions from the CSS Awards (AWWWards) source: Sprye Studios
  • Vintage Websites: The New Modern Trend source: Bright Pink Studio
  • Creative Web Design Portfolios source: Design Dev
  • Website Headers for Your Inspiration source: Top Design Mag
  • Creative Business Card Designs You’re Going to Want to Steal source: b creative
  • Curious & Ingenious Illustrations in Web Design source: Web Design Library
  • Effective & Vintage Retro Web Designs source: Denis Designs
  • 35 Websites that use Watercolor Effects source: Design Resource Box
  • Showcase of Creative Texture Based Web Designs source: Ask Web Boy
  • 36 Watercolor Websites source: Ehab Aref
  • Creative Website Designs for Your Inspiration source: Web Design Hot
  • Contact Forms that will Inspire You source: Design Diary
  • Design Inspiration: Watercolor Effects source: Terry Toledo
  • Beautifully Designed “Contact Us” pages source: Binary Turf
  • Design Inspiration: Watercolor Effects source: Vandelay Design
  • Perfect Portfolio Websites source:
  • Diamonds in the Rough: Textured Websites source:
  • Back to the Future: Websites with Great Retro Style source:
  • Inspiration: Wonderful Watercolor Websites source: Interactive Online
  • 100 Incredibly Kick Ass Design Portfolios source: Ink Blog
  • Showcase of Websites with Illustrated […] source: LINE25
  • Watercolor Effects in Web Design source: Smashing Hub
  • World of Watercolor: Beautiful Watercolor Effects in Web Design source: noupe
  • Creative Studio Workspace Branding & Identity Design source: Business Card Design
  • A Showcase of Beautiful Floral Websites source: SkyTechGeek
  • 24 Awesome and Beautiful Hand-Drawn Websites source: Spicer Designs
  • 32 Examples of Slideshows in Web Design source: Reflex Stock
  • Modern Websites with Super Oversized Headers source: Design Tickle
  • Top 15 Header Designs source: Best PSD to HTML
  • Modish Examples of Website Headers for Inspiration source: Web Design Core
  • Highly Creative Headers source: Spoonfed Design
  • Eye Catching Retro & Vintage Inspired Designs source: IN Deziner
  • Fresh Creative Website Designs – Creative CSS Website Designs source: Graphic Design Junction
  • 40 Beautiful Watercolor Effects in Web Design source: One Xtra Pixel
  • 24 Beautiful Textured Websites source: Amritray
  • Stunning Watercolor Effects in Web Design source: Add_Wiin
  • 40 Beautiful Watercolor Effects in Web Design source: GeeksPal
  • Creative Combinations of Header + Footer in Web Design source: Hongkiat
  • Showcase of Magnificent & Creative Website Designs for your Inspiration source: TechnoLearn
Publications Cont.
  • Inspiration: Wonderful Watercolor Websites
    source: Net Tuts+
  • Creative Graphic / Web Designers N.8
    source: Underworld Magazine
  • Excellent Examples of Illustration in Web Design
    source: Web Design Ledger
  • Inspiring Textured Web Designs
    source: Web Design Ledger
  • Artistic Examples of Watercolor in Web Design
    source: Web Urbanist
  • Amazing Agency Websites
  • Websites with Fabric
  • Websites that use Floral Elements
    source: Web Templates Blog
  • Extremely Creative Business Cards and Tutorials
    source: Design Tutorials 4U
  • Stunning Examples of Perfectly Painted Web Design
    source: Web Granth
  • Character Website Header Designs
    source: Vision Widget
  • Roundup of Watercolor Effects in Web Design
    source: You, the Designer
  • Really Cool & Creative Website Headers
    source: 24h Blog Design
  • Creative & Beautiful Headers in Web Design
    source: Kitaro10
  • Creative Illustrated Footers
    source: ENLIGHT Studios
  • 30 Creative Illustrated Website Footers
    source: 2 Experts
  • Inspiring Watercolor Effect in Web Design
    source: tutslist
  • 36 Creative Website Headers
    source: Lava360
  • Extremely Creative Business Cards […]
    source: CQ
  • Fixed vs. Fluid vs. Elastic Layouts
    source: Smashing Magazine
  • Best Examples of Watercolor in Web Design
    source: Web Design Ledger
  • Textures Toolbox: Texture Resources for Designers
    source: Design
  • Creative Website Headers
    source: Vandelay Design
  • Get Inspired: Beautiful Examples of Textures in Web Design
    source: 1st Web Designer
  • 30 Examples of Watercolor Effects & Brush Strokes in Web Design
    source: Six Revisions
  • 30 Beautiful Websites Inspired by Nature
    source: Six Revisions
  • Inspiration: These Websites are Not White
    source: Denis Designs
  • Website Inspiration of the Day #3
    source: Artician
  • Stunning Modern Website Design
    source: DesignArtWall
  • 20 Grunge Style Websites that Rock
    source: Design Tutorials 4U
  • 4 Awesome Portfolio Design Trends
    source: AzadCreative
  • Fantastic Website Headers
    source: WDB
  • Stunning Examples of Header Design […]
    source: Inspect Element
  • Web Design Companies: Designs that […]
    source: Design Moves Me
  • Huge Pack of Watercolor Effects, Tutorials, Brushes, and Web Designs
    source: WebBlog360
  • Creative WordPress Theme Headers
    source: Web About
  • Weekly 30 Inspirational Websites #12
    source: Design Your Way
  • The Creative Universe: Inspirational Websites
    source: No International Limits
  • Green Themed CSS Design, Part 2
    source: Design Your Way
  • Halloween Graphic Design
    source: CAPS Love
  • Flourish Designs
    source: Inspiredology
Design Showcases
  • Best of the Web Magazine
  • Best Web Design Agencies
  • WP Themes 777
  • CSS Mania (6x)
  • CSS Illustrated (3x)
  • The Design Gene (8x)
  • Beautiful 2.0
  • HTTP Artist (2x)
  • EU Worx
  • Colorgorize
  • Footer Fetish
  • Selected Web Design
  • Desitera
  • Design Fridge
  • Your Site is Valid
  • Design Sector
  • Designer Source
  • Design Bombs
  • Gallerious
  • CSS Loggia
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Showcase Monster
  • Browsershots
  • 101 Best Websites
  • BM Access
  • Ocean Layouts
  • Net Culture
  • Crazy Leaf Web Gallery
  • CSS Elite
  • CSS Heaven
  • CSS Elite
  • Swell CSS
  • eCSSite
  • CSS Design Vault
  • CSS Impress
  • CSS Burst
  • CSS Scoop
  • CSS Fights
  • One CSS
  • CSS Based
  • CSS Style
  • CSS Design Yorkshire
  • CSS Star
  • CSS Smooth Operator
  • CSS Nature
  • Dsign Inspire
  • Web Newly
  • CSS Depot
  • Simply CSS
  • CSS Mayo
  • CSS Line
  • Web Design Gallery
  • CSS Drive
  • Best CSS Gallery
Client Website Awards & Recognition
  • Client: Healthy Harvest Hydroponics Awards / Recognition: The Best Designs, AWWWards, CSS Mania, Unmatched Style, CSS Based, Your Site is Valid, Colorgorize, Footer Fetish, Selected Web Design, CSS Illustrated,
  • Client: Symbol Photography Awards / Recognition: Most Inspired, CSS Mania, Theme Craft, CSSimply, CSS Based, The CSS Awards, The Design Gene
  • Client: Virtual Central Coast Awards / Recognition: The Best Designs
  • Client: North County Compost Awards / Recognition: Hot CSS, CSS Illustrated, Badass Gallery, The Design Gene
  • Client: Baxter Clare Awards / Recognition: A Flash in the Pan
  • Client: Signature Properties Awards / Recognition: CSS Mania, Theme Craft, Most Inspired,, Dream Code Design, CSS Yorkshire, CSS Elite, Best Real Estate Websites, The Design Gene
  • Client: Luna Rustica Awards / Recognition: Hot CSS, Pixel Perfect, Badass Gallery, CSS Count, The Design Gene