Design Type: Visual

aknè mechanic


Founded by Dr. Josep Genebriera and Dr. Neil Shah, aknè mechanic is a dermatologist-formulated anti-acne system designed for sophisticated, health-conscious men.

aknè mechanic’s target audience consists of males aged 15-40 with an interest in skincare and advanced skin health. To appeal to this genre, we went with a bold, dark look and feel that maintained a youthful edge. Professional model photography was provided by aknè mechanic, adding a niche feel to the brand.

My Role

  • Creative Director
  • Visual Designer

The Goods

Print & Collateral

  • Business card design
  • Product insert design
  • Promotional flyer design
  • Tradeshow banner design
  • Promotional t-shirt design
  • Product photography
  • Limited copywriting & editing


  • Product photography
  • Limited copywriting & editing

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