I have to admit that I bought this book, Noma Bar: Graphic Story Telling, based on the cover alone. I mean, it’s a bull terrier AND a negative space design – two of my favorite things 🙂 And I’m so glad I did because this book by Dutch illustrator and artist, Noma Bar, is one […]

I was researching the online market for niche beauty products of a certain aesthetic appeal and audience when I came across Supernatural. This unique line of household cleaning products is formulated to be natural, reusable, and environmental friendly. Creator, Suzy Batiz, came up with this great idea of sustainably-sourced ingredients and eco-friendly, refillable glass packaging. […]

Like all designers, I have a growing collection of inspiration books of all types. One of my favorite publishers is Viction:ary, which specializes in awesome design compilation books on tons of subjects. One of my favorite things about these collectible books is that they each have a specialty print process applied that coincides with the […]

I am certainly guilty of purchasing products based purely on the brand and packaging design. One such instance was Rohr Remedy – Bush Medicine Skincare from Australia. It’s a beautifully designed brand with a clever logo, sleek black cosmetic bottles, and contrasting pale boxes. Fortunately, this was one instance where I was not disappointed by […]

OK, so yes I’m from California and, like any sane person, I love a good donut. Having experienced the donut pinnacle that is San Francisco, I can honestly say I was a little bit stuck up about my donut savvy when I first came to Portland. But, that’s ancient history. I know better now and […]

Although it’s technically not part of web or visual design, I always end up editing the photos used in client projects to some degree, whether stock or client-supplied. I guess it stems from a borderline neurotic nitpicking habit I have about distracting artifacts in photos. A stray hair on a model, gotta fix it. Weird […]

Anyone who knows me knows I ADORE bull terriers. I love them, I have them, I follow a ton of them on social. They’re just amazing creatures that bring tons of joy to the world (and a little frustration, too). Not that I’m like over-the-top obsessed or anything, but I have been known to collect […]

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